Painful Periods

Many women suffer from painful periods each month.  There are many natural remedies to help alleviate the pain however sometimes just getting up and moving around can really help!  Here are a few exercises to try when your feeling that monthly pain:

Exercise 1-
Stand at a right angle to the wall with left elbow on the wall level in height with the left shoulder
Tilt pelvis forward
Keeping knees slightly flexed, to avoid hyper-extending them, move left hip until it touches wall
Return to original position
Repeat 5 times
Repeat sequence with right elbow on wall

Exercise 2-
Stand facing the wall with both elbows on wall on level with shoulders
Without moving elbows or feet and keeping knees slightly flexed, to avoid hyper-extending them, move pelvis away from wall and then toward it until pelvis touches the wall.
Return to original position.
Repeat 5 times.

Exercise 3-
Stand with feet 12 inches apart and arms raised to the side at shoulder level
Keeping knees slightly flexed to avoid hyper-extending them, twist trunk to the right and bend forward, attempting to touch the right ankle with the left hand
Return to original position
Repeat sequence in the opposite direction
Repeat 5 times

Exercise 4-
Stand with feet a few inches apart and arms at the sides
Swing arms forward and upward, simultaneously raising the right leg backward
Return to the original position
Repeat with left leg
Repeat 5 times